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Anna was born in the Ukrainian city of Poltava. Throughout her childhood, she spent days drawing and dreaming of becoming an artist. During her high school years Anna studied art at the Art school of Poltava, but her father insisted on a biology career. After graduation with honors, Anna was accepted  to the school of biology at the Ukrainian State university. After 7 years of work in biology labs Anna became an editor for Ukrainian State Encyclopedia. 9 years later Anna became an editor and a correspondent for the Ukrainian news agency “UNIAN” covering the news for 7 years. Working in PR for the Ukrainian Parliament and press coordinator for the presidential administration, Anna did not have enough time to continue to paint. Since moving to the US Anna privately studied photography and returned to her favorite art of painting. She works with acrylics, pastels and color pencils. Portraits of people, animals and antique American cars are her favorite images. Anna participates in variety of art shows, her work has been featured in a few Saint Louis galleries, and some pieces are in private collections outside of US. Anna is married to Naum Furman, a former cinematographer and retired cameraman from KMOV-TV (Channel 4, St. Louis, Missouri) . They travel together within the US and abroad, and after each trip a lot of new work get produced which you can see on the pages of this website.



I was born in Kiev, the  capitIMG_3438al of Ukraine. Like all high school kids, I dreamt of attending one of the aviation schools to learn to build airplanes. One day when I was 15, I held in my hands a little 8 mm film camera and I fell in love with it. Since that day, my life took a different turn. At age 18, I began working as a gopher in documentary film production. At age 19, I became a military newspaper photographer and a test tank driver. After 3 years of military service, I returned to the film studios as a grip. One year later, I became an assistant to a cinematographer. After going back to journalism school, I finally earned a position as a cinematographer, and my dream had finally materialized. I spent many years of long hours, weekends and holidays away from my family, and shot miles of  film. I  covered political events, life of Soviet-Era collective farms, and spent 7 years in sports production. Of course it was the most interesting life of covering World, European, and Soviet Union sporting events. In 1979, with my family I immigrated to United States, and St. Louis, Missouri became my new home. I learned English during the day, washed dishes and cleaned kitchens at night. I never wavered  from my dream of coming back into the  field of journalism. I went back to Webster University media department and spent 3 years pushing through 6 classes of English language. I finally got my  break in 1983. My photographs and video documentary left a very good impression on the management of KMOX -TV channel 4 (now known as KMOV-TV), the CBS affiliate station in St. Louis. I spent 27 and a half years in the newsroom covering everyday life of St. Louis and its residents. In addition, I also videotaped  Presidential and other political figures visits, St Louis Cardinals world series, St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup series, St. Louis University Billikens basketball , and a lot of other sporting events. Over the years in the field of photography, I earned accolades and awards : Gold Medal from the film festival in Italy, two awards from a film festival in Czechoslovakia, a Bronze Medal from the film festival of the Soviet Union, an Emmy nominations, and two Edward R Morrow Awards. Although I am now retired, I continue to go thru life with my cameras, and enjoy spending time with my two grandsons, and traveling with  Anna.